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Evil Redhead Emerald.

What things do you think Evil Redhead Emerald would do?
safe1749519 artist:ficficponyfic2697 color edit7778 edit135824 oc711387 oc only465128 oc:emerald jewel1640 earth pony265591 pony1009660 colt quest2493 alternate color palette469 amulet1334 child2005 color1696 colored19846 colt15467 evil2968 evil grin4594 femboy9618 foal15732 male387715 trap4565


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That would be an interesting fan theory. The fact that Emerald's normal colors are locked away in the amulet lends itself to that.
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hrmmm… I'm thinking that this version of Emerald would be a more dominant personality. HE would be the pimp Using Joyride instead of her using him.