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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full Meanwhile at Geology Class:  
full…Is it just me, or did Limestone looked a bit shorter than usual?  
full Hmm-mmm%%~  
full Oh shut it, Marble!! Unless you want to experience what I had to go through, I suggest you stay out of this!!
Limestone in Seifuku Uniform: >>1097176  
Statue Design: Humanized version of King Guto >>1001073 (deleted)
Note: The title of this comic is derived from the English phrase “feet of clay”, which refers to hidden faults or weakness in a person
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safe1878955 artist:meiyeezhu333 king grover102 limestone pie5427 human181590 angry30647 anime6277 bag6337 blushing224205 broken854 bump307 clothes525366 collapse26 comic118564 crash769 debris145 destruction1655 falling2953 female1516735 frustrated620 headache89 heavy687 humanized106292 humanized ponified human152 lifting676 limetsun pie245 necktie8425 old master q505 parody16271 pleated skirt4221 question mark5278 reference4395 rock5072 rubble204 sailor uniform817 school uniform7992 schoolgirl2009 shoes45336 sign4444 skirt45281 smashing134 socks76105 solo1195397 statue2649 stockings38682 stomping730 stone677 strong244 thigh highs43926 tomboy1258 traditional art126505 tsundere3147 tumbling32 zettai ryouiki2040


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With the angle she was reading at her butt probably should’ve taken the hit.
That’s a cute Limestone rendition, by the way.