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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
full When you think about it, giving a light to a smoker doesn’t sound so generous at all.  
full Because when you encourage bad habits, you are offering them (and yourself)—  
full a quicker death sentence.
full So do us a favor  
full And help fight off the nicotine flavor  
full With your friends and your peers
To learn more about how to discourage teen smoking, go to:
(P.S. I had no connection with this organization whatsoever; I just saw that this comic would be a fun and unique way to not only discourage smoking habits for my watchers, but also stop the smoking habits from spreading; this is merely fan art with a positive encouraging message that I want to make)
Chock-full Carafe from ‘Made in Manehattan’
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semi-grimdark31952 artist:meiyeezhu332 chock-full carafe20 rarity194938 human180326 made in manehattan741 rarity investigates1203 alternate hairstyle31207 anime6172 anti-smoking3 apron4827 bad ways to be nice1 breasts315474 cigarette4369 city4713 cityscape747 clothes518874 comedy371 comic117671 dark comedy675 desperate104 douchebag85 funny4526 generosity113 horned humanization7227 humanized105706 humanized ponified human152 manehattan1099 match125 matchbox5 matches31 old master q505 parody16205 pier582 public service announcement230 salute1137 scared11671 skirt44738 skyscraper302 smoke2872 smoking4693 this will end in tears and/or death2435 tobacco17 traditional art125741 trauma47 trenchcoat661 water16199 wave540 wind1311 windy93


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This isn’t about forcibly taking away people’s source of nicotine or negatively shaming them from using tobacco; if the adults want to smoke, they can; this group focuses on teaching the youth about the consequences associated with smoking (as well as teaching them on how to convince other teens not to smoke) and let them decide on their own health choices later on in adulthood