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I usually don't put tags as: "cute", "dashabetes", etc., because I want that the people think if it's truly cute with their opinion but, I can't handle this scene, it's so hnnng!
safe1704385 screencap221964 pinkie pie216016 rainbow dash233711 earth pony247965 pegasus290957 pony965637 simple ways1298 animated98513 confused4746 cute199471 dashabetes9230 female1361206 floppy ears52231 flying38075 gif30985 head tilt1056 hnnng2428 huh35 looking at you168208 raised eyebrow6555 reaction image9463 wings106997


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Background Pony #26E7
So the gif is featured as "Dashabetes" but no as "Rainbow Dash". How weird.