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safe1785933 artist:mahoxyshoujo21 fluttershy220444 rainbow dash241745 pegasus323256 pony1087441 g42388 :o4052 artifact1105 blushing210030 covering4118 cute210162 dashabetes9826 eyebrows8277 eyebrows visible through hair4249 female1434437 floppy ears56488 flutterdash4658 grass10515 lesbian101005 mare519109 rain6386 repdigit milestone42 shipping209599 shy4446 shyabetes14851 sidemouth513 spread wings59359 tsunderainbow447 tsundere3009 wavy mouth4000 wet8597 wet mane5379 wing umbrella98 wings131074


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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Aww! I have to wonder why they are just standing in the rain like this, but I’ll try to just enjoy the moment for what it is.

was there like tag wars going on this image? xD
Gotta love Derpi’s tagging system, and how completely non lesbian images are tagged xD