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suggestive145236 artist:avante921136 spike79407 anthro263963 animal ears120 bell4505 bell collar2332 cat ears1160 clothes466193 collar33753 crossdressing9422 evening gloves8464 femboy9296 gloves20450 male379130 nyaa7 older27200 solo1076352 solo male26680 stockings33389 tail bell39 teenage spike652 trap4489


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What the fuck are you doing with Spike. He is a masculine cute MALE dragon and you turn him into a fucking stripper dragon who has daddy issues. I do NOT appreciate this depiction of Spike because it strips away the sexiness and heroicness that Spike embodies. WHERE IS HIS GIANT DRAGON DICK? You cannot replace it with a dragon vagina because what ELSE WILL FUCK MY ASSHOLE? nice art btw.

Those bows. Those stockings. That collar. That body language. hhhhhhcHRIST WHAT IS FEMBOY SPIKE DOING TO ME

(I find this even hotter than 63!Spike, which is saying something considering women are more what I'm into)
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@Background Pony #4096
I'm a straight guy. I don't look at boobs all the time. Mostly, I'm waiting for the right girl to come along. Just because I'm straight doesn't mean I have to look at pictures of big boobs. Now, when the right one comes along, I'll be staring all day, but I don't have to right now. I'm here mostly for pictures of cute ponies and the artists that draw them; if they happen to draw boobs, fine, but that's not the whole reason I'm here.

Also, tags indicate how many, not really whether there's a market for them. If someone has money, they'll commission. If you wanted to see where a market really lies, you'd have to go in depth with things like how much money people have, age groups, sexuality, and even artist talent. But since things like that are ambiguous without further study, you can't really say one or the other is preferred.
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@Background Pony #E563
It should tell you there is a huge market for boobs whereas there is a small market for femboys. Given the vast market for boobs there would exist an equally vast array of quality whereas a high quality niche interest would attract that interest like flies to honey.
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@Background Pony #4096
There are literally over 20,000 pics of boobs on here. There are just over 100 femboy pics. This is substantially more unique, and substantially more attractive than 99% of the pics with boobs.