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safe1556704 artist:rain-gear214 princess luna93181 tantabus434 alicorn191273 pony827834 do princesses dream of magic sheep1082 background pony8922 burning535 cloud26647 debris121 epic1334 female880957 fire9851 fissure11 flag3356 glowing horn16198 mare404965 metal as fuck159 moon20718 nightmare1239 painting3199 raised hoof38067 ruins1052 scenery7076 spell471 surreal954


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Vril Pony

Equestria is HollowEarth
Someone made an animated full HD wallpaper of this image in STEAM wallpaper engine:
Background Pony #5D7B
Is this supposed to be dream realm Ponyville? Or is it rather a darker alternative to the episode, where Tantabus managed to murder some ponies? Nevertheless, it's cooooooool…
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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ok this is lit
When an artist makes an update to their art, anyone is free to upload the new version and merge it (using the "Reporting" button under the tags) with the old version. In this case, there was a "weird white spot" (as Rain-Gear put it) in Tantibus's mane. When the artist fixed it, I uploaded the new version and merged the two versions together. It was a tiny update, but it makes sense to have the correct version posted on Derpibooru.
Artist - snoopystallion

ok please can someone tell me how derpibooru works?? I uploaded that picture before with the exact same resolution. hell… even this tags were made by me. so why did this upload now belongs to Litrojia ???