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Based on the Chinese comic panels from: Old Master Q Comics Collection Series 7, pg 32
Life is SO much safer with a Titan, especially when your chances of encountering a serial killer is 1 in 128
Civilian Atlas Bodyguard  
Introduced as the first prototype by Hammond Robotics and remodified by the Outcasters private company, this fighting machine improvises both armor and mobility to fit the needs of an average Joe fighter. Unlike the military Atlas Titans, this civilian version is three-quarters the size, less autonomous and is not fitted with a damage core.
However, it is slightly faster and more user-friendly, thanks to its lighter “silicon carbide-infused magnesium skeleton” and its gait movement recognition software ,thus making them ideal for catching the heartless low-lives who now don’t feel so tough when confronted with the largest commercially available robotic bodyguard.
This robot can be controlled with your Iphone or with an Apple Watch using the voice-recognition system that will only recognize its rightful owner (anyone else who tries to speak to the Atlas will be met by the special delivery of the Atlas’ air maul!!). In addition to that, the Civilian Atlas also loves long hikes in forest reserves, barbecuing contests, cat-sitting for old ladies at the nursery and arm wrestling with other Titans.
Note: Also comes with a cheaper and simpler BIY (build-it-yourself) model version, along with the USB instructions video, for nerdy engineers who love to have a more hands-on-experience!!
Serial Killer: * Bloodknife by chili19 armed with a Ruger LCP
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*Sorry if I had ever hurt her killer ego
safe1878063 artist:meiyeezhu333 sci-twi27622 twilight sparkle321973 robot8829 equestria girls223810 friendship games13663 at gunpoint130 atlas43 attempted murder66 backpack2256 battle suit51 bloodknife1 boulder268 chase918 clothes524459 comic118523 crystal prep academy uniform3651 dagger567 firing73 forest11759 funny4573 giant robot81 glasses72403 gun17606 hair bun3956 help331 help me221 high heels13382 huge221 knife5962 mech251 nervous6542 now you fucked up328 old master q505 outdoors14309 overpowered42 pistol2332 rock5068 ruger lcp2 running6669 school uniform7978 serial killer37 shocked8192 shooting542 skirt45260 stockings38657 surprised10496 taser46 this will end in death2854 this will end in pain2216 threatening430 titan116 titanfall43 traditional art126450 tree38041 unexpected149 weapon34376


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