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Took some medication last night that was supposed to help me sleep. While it certainly made me feel more relaxed, it didn't make me feel tired. Spent last night doodling off of AtarichanDrawer and got this out of it.

I'll be honest, Allie Way is probably my absolute favorite MLP background character.

DA source
safe1723059 artist:gunpowdergreentea339 allie way564 anthro263641 armpits43137 belly button79151 big breasts83402 breasts281651 busty allie way29 chest fluff39869 clothes465642 eyes closed95203 female1377797 midriff19524 pose5985 simple background399612 smiling253214 solo1075434 sports bra3291 stretch84 stretching2379 white background99775 yoga pants896


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