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Good End to >>1092051
grimdark29447 grotesque11546 artist:mistermech206 princess celestia94372 alicorn221649 human153175 pony953128 undead2039 armor23540 crossover61701 dark souls675 emaciated112 empty eye socket33 female1349318 gwyn11 helmet10676 hollow46 humanity6 lord of cinder6 male367696 mare473659 monochrome148716 simple background388317 solaire of astora123 white background96392


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Background Pony #AE34
When im think about it, that would make a amazing Fanfiction. Celestia is hollow, Equestria in ruins like Lordran and Solaire came with humanity to help celestia, as he found his sun in her.
Background Pony #AE34
Solaire is a true hero. Say whatever you want but he and his jolly cooperation, helping so many.
a truly magnificent picture.

The artist is not by a chance……mistermech?