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The crux of the problem with Spike getting a chance to shine was that every other character needed to get dragged down for random, non-sensical reasons. That’s what’s been going on in G4, and the same thing happened in this scene, as well.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
@Background Pony #47E3
Becuase you sound a little short sided.
Also, Spike fan, I’ve hated self inserts of all kinds since long before joining this fandom. And if anything, the Twilight fans have it worse consider the massive size of fics featuring one of her rivals as a guard of somesort turned love interest for Twilight.

@Background Pony #47E3
Spikeabuse is an exaggerated meme that people blow out of proportion and was only ever really noteworthy in season 4 cause the writers had no idea what to do after making Twilight an Alicorn. Literally EVERYONE in the show is abused including the villains so I have no idea why people act like this is exclusive to Spike
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It really feels like some of you are getting off topic and might be using this 6 year old image to have discussions some of you have been asked to stop having about G5 on unrelated images just because there’s a character in the image you want to talk about.
So please move your discussions to the forums or PMs. For some of you this is the last warning you’ll probably receive about this.
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Background Pony #3DFE
@Background Pony #47E3  
True, and I don’t see what the whole purpose is for including Spike in MLP besides being a goofy baby dragon to provide comic relief, either.
Well, Spike isn’t in G5, though.
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Background Pony #0F7C
@Background Pony #CA4F  
Wrong. You can’t call that a “fight” or “badass” when you saw how Spike only went to grab the bell according to Molly’s plan, and Danny told him not to since he and everyone else knew Grogar was about to break himself free in any second. After Grogar managed to do so - Spike became anxious and completely vulnerable - then Grogar swung, threw Spike away, and landed into a bush.
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Background Pony #47E3
@Phantom Rider  
Well, duh. Spike is the same tiny size as Sludge, and Sludge could’ve done what Spike did, as well, but chose a gentle approach and not a violent one.
By the way, the entire Spike-fandom is all about fans living an adventure or scenarios - like this one - vicariously by imagining themselves in Spike’s place. Of course, “Spike Abuse” was nothing but an obstacle in their fantasies. No wonder why fans of Spike are so concerned about demanding Spike to do stuff like this, instead of being a simple background decoration, and stop him from taking all the beating since Season 1 in G4 in the first place.
Background Pony #47E3
Spike was only able to do that because he and Sludge were both the same small SIZE, in case you haven’t figured that out.
Background Pony #CA4F
A seriously one-sided fight obviously when fighting Grogar. Nevertheless, when you compare how long Spike lasted to how long did the ponies last, it was still pretty bad@$$. Plus he was first one to though unintentionally attempt to remove Grogar’s source of power.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Wow even Spike got to be a bad@$$ in G1. Though that lava demon looks like a bit of a wuss. “Oooh, you hurt me, you big scaly meany!”