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She Runs Herself Hollow…
grimdark29632 grotesque11698 artist:mistermech210 princess celestia95795 alicorn228369 pony986813 undead2167 black and white13173 crossover62935 crying44135 dark souls685 emaciated112 female1380916 grayscale38570 gwyn11 hollow47 lake1559 lord of cinder6 mare490719 monochrome150929 reflection3226 solo1077764


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David Dyster

The Killing Nightmare part1:A dark secret from Celestia’s past is about to come foward and make it’s present known.

The Killing Nightmare part2:Nightmare Star the Hyide to the Celestia’s Jekel. Now the princess of the sun must face her reflection, but will she be abel to handle the other sis’s of her past.

The Killing Nightmare part3:The Guardians of Harmony have fallen, now it is up to the royal sisters to defeate Nightmare Star; how ever wins, things will never be the same.

Mostly inspired by Batman:The Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland

This is my idea for a Celestia episode, if Hasbro Studio can make a Princess Celestia that exspandes her caricter.
David Dyster

NMS:Poor Celestia, poor sweet child. Having a realy bad day, who woulden't be be? Your in a hell of a situation and this is the bottom of the depreshon, but cheer up old girl you know what the great alicorn deamon would say, Music mistro!

Nightmare Star sings Always Look on the Dark Side of Life as Celestia cries seeing her reflection and a hollow shell looking back.

Always Look on the Dark Side of Life is a dark parody of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (from Monty Python) made for the film Life of Brian (1979). All rights belong to Virgin Records, Eric Idle, Neil Innes, and John Altman Steve James.
David Dyster

This how the final part of The Killing Nightmare could end, but I'll give fans a shot I'll let them chose.

Bad End:Twilight failed and Celestia now morns the pony she once was.

Skeliton Celestia:Twilight, please be strong. My time has ended, but your time has come.