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safe (1430358)artist:gashiboka (600)cloudy quartz (1058)marble pie (5590)camera (3158)camera shot (1042)comic strip (237)dialogue (50705)eyes closed (68036)floppy ears (41354)heart (37899)korean (1404)looking at you (120642)loose hair (1560)monochrome (134550)one eye closed (20408)open mouth (104368)recording (779)smiling (183430)sparkles (3332)stupid sexy cloudy quartz (83)translated in the comments (2198)wink (18683)


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Background Pony #2157
"Is it on?"
"So it is…"

swoosh or something similar

"Ho ho, so you wanted to see my cutie mark?"

"Mom, what are you doing in your room alone?"
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Background Pony #6C39
Loving more and more artists are drawing sexy Cloudy Quartz, hope it keeps going for awhile.
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