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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
Rarity model based on Shonuff44
What, you thought he was gonna hit on Rarity and Fleur de Lis?
Rarity and Fleur de Lis may be the two of the most beautiful mares of all of Equestria, but the most beautiful pony of all time (in my opinion) should go to Coco, because her beauty lies within her courage to overcome unfairness, break free from abusive authority of her former boss and finding independence from societal pressure. And that’s my final judgement…
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suggestive159953 artist:meiyeezhu332 coco pommel6384 fleur-de-lis4067 rarity195074 oc778326 oc:joe patterson1 human180378 anime6173 big breasts96139 bouquet1101 boutique208 bowtie11737 box of chocolates214 breasts315716 busty fleur-de-lis660 busty rarity14535 cleavage38364 clothes519372 cocobetes748 comic117748 couch9677 cute220548 dress50057 female1502574 flower29597 food79989 heart54929 hearts and hooves day2386 high heels13207 horned humanization7229 huge breasts44771 humanized105721 humanized ponified human152 love5515 old master q505 parody16211 present6969 romance880 romantic1731 servant84 skirt44776 small breasts3397 socks75217 stockings38233 suit6892 tea3280 teacup3217 thigh highs43312 traditional art125786 twist ending26 unexpected146 valentine's day4143 zettai ryouiki2034


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