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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:

Rarity model based on Shonuff44

What, you thought he was gonna hit on Rarity and Fleur de Lis?

Rarity and Fleur de Lis may be the two of the most beautiful mares of all of Equestria, but the most beautiful pony of all time (in my opinion) should go to Coco, because her beauty lies within her courage to overcome unfairness, break free from abusive authority of her former boss and finding independence from societal pressure. And that's my final judgement…


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suggestive (120034) artist:meiyeezhu (300) coco pommel (5272) fleur-de-lis (3178) rarity (163519) oc (565823) oc:joe patterson (1) human (137113) anime (3996) big breasts (61873) bouquet (787) boutique (151) bowtie (7854) box of chocolates (109) breasts (219998) busty fleur-de-lis (402) busty rarity (10157) cleavage (28904) clothes (381390) cocobetes (520) comic (95302) couch (6458) cute (162768) dress (37014) female (824713) flower (19956) food (55849) heart (40405) hearts and hooves day (1916) high heels (8619) horned humanization (5968) huge breasts (28586) humanized (90837) humanized ponified human (139) love (4009) old master q (381) parody (14850) present (5166) romance (592) romantic (1020) servant (41) skirt (33522) small breasts (2223) socks (52887) stockings (26871) suit (4719) tea (2680) teacup (2385) thigh highs (25738) traditional art (103349) twist ending (23) unexpected (100) valentine's day (3001) zettai ryouiki (1607)


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