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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
Rarity model based on Shonuff44
What, you thought he was gonna hit on Rarity and Fleur de Lis?
Rarity and Fleur de Lis may be the two of the most beautiful mares of all of Equestria, but the most beautiful pony of all time (in my opinion) should go to Coco, because her beauty lies within her courage to overcome unfairness, break free from abusive authority of her former boss and finding independence from societal pressure. And that’s my final judgement…
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suggestive162409 artist:meiyeezhu335 coco pommel6436 fleur-de-lis4080 rarity196444 oc788310 oc:joe patterson1 human181810 anime6288 big breasts97877 bouquet1110 boutique212 bowtie11912 box of chocolates215 breasts319669 busty fleur-de-lis662 busty rarity14725 cleavage38771 clothes526339 cocobetes754 comic118679 couch9793 cute223140 dress50673 female1519410 flower30205 food81226 heart55950 hearts and hooves day2420 high heels13430 horned humanization7285 huge breasts45517 humanized106402 humanized ponified human152 love5559 old master q505 parody16279 present7019 romance883 romantic1742 servant83 skirt45366 small breasts3473 socks76256 stockings38767 suit6990 tea3307 teacup3254 thigh highs44044 traditional art126616 twist ending26 unexpected148 valentine's day4155 zettai ryouiki2046


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