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"Alt title: "Dude! You're f*cking Heavy!" Pun intended hue hue hue

Just something to flesh out this version of the ponified mercenaries universe: Rocketjumping with a Medic with a quick-fix is just Soldier scooping Medic up into the air. But Soldier has a bad habit of forgetting that Medic can't fly, which forces another flier to save him. Scout is a lot lighter than others, with his hollow pegasus bones. He can't catch another pony, but he can sorta break their fall and plummet/glide safely back to the ground. Just with a lot of cussing. Also, Medic gets some serious vertigo from being thrown around in the sky but I mean who wouldn't?"


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Prince Harmony

try working with a demoman who set a full load with a sticky jumper, i was flung to the world boundry while he used a B.A.S.E. Jumper to decend slowly my medi-beam had come undone mid-flight. Or worse yet a Soldier on MVM using a fully upgraded Beggar's Bazooka and he jumps from the map spawn to the frontlines in seconds. its Murder on your legs if you get disconnected from him