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Sunset: “See…the thing is…I’ve never actually had a real boyfriend before. Flash was just a trophy to make me look good. Soooo…I don’t really know how this works…telling someone how I really feel…
Would…would you go out with me? …please?”
Ever hold a rose made of gossamer glass before? Yeah, her heart is kinda like that.

suggestive190477 artist:deareditor98 edit172828 editor:theabridgenator217 sunset shimmer79026 human244834 g42026456 ass81265 barefoot35135 blushing273477 breasts390227 bronybait3386 bunset shimmer2876 busty sunset shimmer8150 butt230765 clothes633226 feet54397 female1799684 human coloration6877 humanized119362 jacket19869 kiss mark1737 lipstick16668 looking at you258672 looking back86350 looking back at you29448 panties63658 rearboob1509 sexy45912 solo1423866 solo female234133 the ass was fat21036 thong7686 underwear78687


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Drake Quagmire

In what bizarro universe does having Flash “The Bradinator” Sentry make you look good?
Nevermind, just stare at the booty until all questions of logic melt away…