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safe1679381 artist:hellencreepynekofan12 applejack167731 big macintosh27945 caramel2489 comet tail877 double diamond1661 fancypants1919 flash sentry12657 fluttershy209866 night glider1357 party favor1518 pinkie pie213628 pokey pierce1353 prince blueblood4041 rainbow dash230986 rarity179390 soarin'13818 starlight glimmer47878 sugar belle3082 sunburst6574 sunset shimmer61854 trixie66476 twilight sparkle297043 pony941765 bluetrix795 carajack421 cometlight296 female1338746 flashimmer2048 fluttermac2876 male363537 nightdiamond61 partybelle48 pokeypie278 raripants280 shipping196636 soarindash4757 starburst1194 straight133677


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@David Dyster
I have personal pairings, but since I don't run the show I can't make them happen(PS: I wouldn't want to as I know many would hate them). I'd say keep them single, this way it remains up to the fans to form their own OTP. I know that won't stop the flame wars, but it'll keep the damage to a minimum. Whereas making a pairing canon, that'll just split the fanbase in two, those that like it and those that hate it. We seen it before with the introduction of Flash Sentry and the assumed FlashLight pairing that resulted from Equestria Girls(Never once supported FlashLight), the fanbase is slowly starting to reconcile come back together after that.
David Dyster

For the season finale of the show they should have the main cast and some of the suporting cast get married, after a battle with Queen Chrysalis or a new season finale villan or it could be like the Best Night Ever excepet every pony gets a happy ending.