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She's loyal, devoted, trustworthy, protective, supportive, loving, fits in your pocket, and actively aids you in finding women (or men). What more could you possibly ask for?
suggestive134933 artist:badumsquish1876 derpibooru exclusive26489 oc641098 oc only425884 oc:sheath12 condom pony12 object pony746 original species23088 pony901536 badumsquish strikes again117 condom2923 dialogue61861 female1302495 heart45361 looking at you156300 ponified39431 prone24407 solo1017901 table8683 talking to viewer2355 wrapper34


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[quote]What more could you possibly ask for?[/quote]
that my condom wouldn't freak me out.
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As stretchy as a regular condom. She also has a fair amount of control over her shape as she's to stretch her body and pull in her limbs to take on the perfectly cylindrical shape of a condom, or rib and/or stud herself, etc.