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"So, moving along with the armoured princesses I decided to go with everyone's favorite flying whistle, chrysalis!
Ofc I'd go with the rogue approach, there isn't much else to go with, she uses illusionary magic to infiltrate and stabs people in the back, what else is there to it?

The next 1 I thought of making was Cadence, then finish with twilight, however my brother pointed out a problem… I don't have a healer (most likely will put cadence in that position) but Luna's a mage by the seems of it… Any suggestions as to what class twilight'd be cause I don't have many options xD.

Celestia: Paladin
Luna: Mage
Chrysalis: Rogue
safe1704029 artist:biobasher15 princess cadance32420 queen chrysalis34755 shining armor23122 changeling47501 anthro259734 unguligrade anthro48274 armor23734 character to character545 disguise4749 disguised changeling2669 fake cadance761 female1360833 heart48284 knife5320 male371894 rogue181 shapeshifting311 shiningcadance2669 shipping199978 straight136190


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