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I know about Lady Gaga, Weird Al and Seth green but Robert Patinson? that's a knew one(and it gives more material for Twilight's jokes :()

Nevermind, EQD beat me to the punch, naturally! You can find a translation in this here Nightly Roundup, just scroll down to the article image:

Working on a translation now, should be done in half an hour or so… Though I wonder at a good way to upload it here — Just photoshopping Times New Roman over the text feels atrociously disrespectful ._.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

For those who can't read, an olympic gold medallioniare Ed McKeever is kissing a derpy hooves doll. :)

Also Lady Gaga, Weird Al, Seth green and Robert Patinson in the corner, is mentioned to be bronies/pegasister.