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safe1727603 artist:vago-xd59 applejack171549 :<1071 :o3823 :t3814 action pose1193 alcohol7318 alternate hairstyle28613 applejewel664 bar1345 barstool80 bathrobe1416 blushing201053 bucking958 chewing603 cider2581 clothes467406 cowboy hat16370 crying44173 cute202972 dress45270 eating9795 embarrassed11570 female1381872 fence2925 floppy ears53254 flower26180 flower in hair7893 fluffy14432 food71536 frown23262 glare8270 hat88395 hoof hold8435 jackabetes6148 jumping3424 leaning3680 looking at you172220 monochrome150974 open mouth149956 prone25933 puddle968 puffy cheeks3912 raised eyebrow6618 raised hoof47505 raised leg7908 running6055 saddle bag5936 simple background401303 sitting64424 skirt40395 smelly899 smiling254425 solo1078423 stetson5024 stool1712 sunglasses14740 swing651 tennis racket177 unamused16495 wall of tags3408 wavy mouth3765 wide eyes17219 wink25204


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