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Based on the Chinese comic panels from:  
Nice going, Sunshet Shimmer. It took them three days for the Hooffields to finally perfect their Multi-Veggie Special Stew
Crosscut Mccolt by ohohokapi  
Hilly Hooffield by ohohokapi  
Babs Seed by uotapo
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semi-grimdark32323 artist:meiyeezhu333 apple bloom54459 babs seed6029 crosscut mccolt38 hilly hooffield51 scootaloo53977 sunset shimmer69380 sweetie belle51780 equestria girls223811 angry30632 ball4684 baseball bat1273 breasts318849 bush3163 campfire1250 camping414 cheerful93 cleavage38673 clothes524529 comic118532 cooking pot57 cutie mark crusaders20243 daisy dukes1541 disappointed570 embarrassed12763 equestria girls-ified11299 female1516030 football1742 forest11762 funny4574 grass11558 grass field881 hooffield family151 humanized106272 humanized ponified human152 kick794 kicking2315 mccolt family195 nails476 old master q505 oops579 parody16268 picnic1488 playful358 playing1656 shorts16112 sports4438 stew29 this will end in pain2216 this will end in tears and/or death2448 traditional art126462 upset1304 wet9278 whoops117


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