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suggestive136813 artist:enyoiyourself69 moondancer4709 starlight glimmer47099 sunset shimmer60836 trixie65655 twilight sparkle293712 human149934 armband835 armpits42309 black underwear3714 boots20792 breasts264854 busty moondancer379 busty starlight glimmer2294 busty sunset shimmer5175 busty trixie3874 busty twilight sparkle11510 cleavage33248 clothes441243 counterparts866 dress42792 female1318644 glasses59114 hand on hip5616 harem877 high heels10534 horned humanization6613 humanized97888 lesbian93896 magical quintet115 moonset26 panties48662 pink underwear4183 polyamory6580 shipping193620 shorts13289 skirt38193 socks63544 sunsetsparkle4262 sweater14034 tongue out98766 twidancer300 twilight sparkle gets all the mares99 twilight's counterparts887 twilight's harem36 twistarlight529 twixie5035 twixstar63 twixstarsetdancer6 underwear58772 upskirt5688


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And all of them are just the girls near her own age…

She has other collection of mature lesbian women:
-Rule 63 of Tirek, Dizcord and Sombra? maybe?
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Planeswalker — FoME
"I am going to count to ten. If I don't have some personal space, I am impaling someone with my memo spike."
"You use it for memos?"
"Don't pretend you don't, Moondancer."

Princess Twilight Sparkle: "You four should really disperse and interact with everypony else OTHER THAN ME!"
The other 4: "But Twily"
Princess Twilight Sparkle: "Be shameful of your nearsightedness."