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_The giant dragon made a circle in the air and prepared to attack the royal airship once again. Captain ordered to prepare the canons and launch at his command. Tongues of flame erupted from dragon's sharp-toothed mouth and…
"Summer Wind, sweetie! May I interrupt you for a moment?"
Little colt put away his toys.
"Yes, mom?"
Fluttershy smiled gently to her son and entered the room, accompanied by a little blue-furred pegasus filly with reversed rainbow-coloured mane.
"Do you remember Rainfall, little one? She is the daugther of auntie Rainbow and uncle Soarin."
"Y…yup," — Summer Wind nodded and looked at the filly, who was silently standing next to his mother, gazing in the corner of the room. He noticed that she brought several books about Daring Do with herself, — "umm… hello?"
"Hi," — mumbled the filly, still looking away.
"Rainfall's mom and dad won't be home for several days, they'll be taking part in a Wonderbolt tour, and she will stay with us for this time. Mind if she shares the room with you? It can be very merry time for you both! But of course if you don't want, or if Rainfall doesn't feel like that, we can find her another place…"
"I… don't mind, mom."
"Uhum…" — nodded Rainfall.
"Okay then, have fun kids," — Fluttershy grinned and walked towards the doors, — "dinner will be ready in an hour."
"Mrs. Fluttershy?"
"Yes, Rainfall?"
"What's up with your belly?"
"My… — yellow pegasus looked down.
"Mom is expecting a new foal!" — proudly explained Summer Wind.
"Wow," — Rainfall looked surprised and confused at the same time, — "how did the foal get inside of her?"
"It…" — now the colt looked lost as well, — "mom?"
"Well.. err… daddy helped…"
"How did he do that?"
Fluttershy turned crimson, while two foals were looking at her with big innocent eyes.
"Umm… I… he… we… it is… let's discuss it later?" — she giggles nervously, — "I have some home business. Yes… play safe, kids!" — she quickly left the room.
Summer Wind and Rainfall looked at each other, unsure what to do next.
"So…" — the colt finally broke the silence, — "err… who is your favourite Power Pony?"
"I don't like Power Ponies. They are stupid."
"Okay… Have seen my Starswirl? It is my favourite toy!" — Summer Wind took a plush unicorn, — "Princess Twilight gave it to me on my birthday!"
"Come on, it will be fun! Let's make a fight between Starswirl and Diamond Dog."
"It is silly…" — grumbled Rainfall, but took the plushie dog.
"Defend yourself!" — little pegasus colt jumped on her with a toy unicorn wizard.
"Hey!" — angry filly tried to fight back with her dog.
"What? My mom would never surrender! Take that, Starswirl!"
"Not for all Equestria!"
Two little foals laughed, and Rainfall's Diamond Dog clashed with Wind's Starswirl the Bearded. What else can we add? That's the beginning of a beautiful friendship!_
safe1723933 artist:sinaherib202 big macintosh28504 fluttershy214549 oc695608 oc:rainfall51 oc:summer wind33 pegasus298621 anthro263876 plantigrade anthro33362 big breasts83499 breasts282158 busty fluttershy17529 family photo348 female1378649 fluttermac2950 fluttermom256 male379000 offspring39851 parent:big macintosh3237 parent:fluttershy4979 parent:rainbow dash5853 parent:soarin'2533 parents:fluttermac1415 parents:soarindash1907 pregnant13281 shipping202395 story included9193 straight138012 toy22201


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