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"'Ood 'or-ing!"
safe1707119 artist:badumsquish1967 derpibooru exclusive28409 oc685050 oc only449003 oc:ginger-bread10 object pony772 original species25159 pony968232 toaster pony22 bread1441 counter305 cute199895 female1363721 food70150 freckles28897 ginger85 hair bun3349 kitchen1834 looking at you168749 mouth hold17496 plate1704 ponified41167 red hair910 redhead169 sitting63281 smiling248657 solo1064701 toast447 toaster319 us plug25 wall socket9 wat19241


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To show her intended partner that she is ready to mate, the toaster pony will make a special brand of toast with heart symbols burned into the faces. While looking like normal toast, once it is consumed, the intended target will suffer increased arousal, mimicking in some aspects a mares heat. once sufficiently aroused, the toaster pony will copulate with their intended, lasting for a period of three days to insure pregnancy.

And not the angry kind
Still waiting on either you or that other object ponies guy to ponify a grand piano.

And no, I neither know how that would work nor why specifically I want to see a ponified grand piano.
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ᗡ: 📶 📡
Well… I refuse to judge anyone's fetish purely out of principal, but that's one of those things that outright just makes me feel bleah. I can't see myself ever drawing it.

I didn't actually invent the character (as it's basically the green 4chan anon with human hair and skin); I just coined the term to differentiate the two.

@Keith Mowz
What did I watch…? I feel I should have hated that but I really enjoyed it :/