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Look at Vinyl Scratch.
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Artist - marik azemus34

Right behind you
Of course Vinyl would talk only to a fellow music lover. Or maybe she speaks at such a low frequency only those with astute ears can hear her.
Evil Emperor Proteus

Master of Science
She spoke. Logically she'd have to speak, if only outside of our hearing range. Or would people rather she be an actual mute?

The tumblr collective would have us believe everyone in this scene are now in romantic same-sex relationships because they were so close to each other.
Background Pony #5E4C
Well now we know Vinyl can talk XD either that or zest is a great lip reader
Background Pony #D9B9
Best part is, if you look closely, Lemon Zest is holding her headphones in her hand and is listening to Vinyls Music
Artist -

EqG fan + Love Liver
Muh headconan is destroyed 5evah.

No, I'm not kidding, her being deaf works better than her just not wanting to talk even if only a little bit except for a few occasions.