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safe2209872 artist:mojot141 applejack203355 fluttershy262592 pinkie pie259678 rainbow dash284131 rarity220506 sci-twi31846 sunset shimmer80415 twilight sparkle362892 equestria girls260337 g42064609 blushing281877 bowtie15551 bracelet16324 clothes650292 daily sunset120 glasses91109 group8444 hat127716 humane five5904 humane seven3951 humane six5385 jacket20664 jewelry117841 leather jacket5426 necktie11741 one eye closed47036 peace sign4896 twilight sparkle (alicorn)151549 twolight1610 wink33651


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Background Pony #84F1
||Anyone else want to find a way to either drive off or kill all of this version of Sunset Shimmer’s friends just to see the beauty in her misery? <3 ||