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Funny how you've never seen these four(?) together. I thought it would've happened by now.

And I JUST realized that I spelled "Awesome" wrong…….DAMMIT!
safe1575721 artist:megaanimationfan73 bon bon15641 lyra heartstrings27962 sweetie drops15641 annoyed5058 boop6855 catdog124 crossover57140 eyes closed80218 fangs22143 female899466 floppy ears46638 frown21646 fusion4444 glare8032 grin32950 happy27634 hug25480 lesbian92235 lyrabon3094 lyrabon (fusion)192 misspelling2192 nickelodeon474 noseboop2590 shipping184086 signature18902 smiling215015 unamused13730


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If you think you always know CatDog, you always believe that they love Taco Depot. But if you know Rancid Rabbit, Taco Depot's eagle-eyed manager, you know he DOES NOT want them into the restaurant, because according to his policy, he says, "No shirt, no shoes, NO CATDOG!!!" and he gives them the boot.