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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
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nobody's favorite
R: "Is something wrong, my liege?"

NMM: "I saw your dreams last night, my servant. You want the throne."

R: "With all due respect, I don't think you quite understood what you saw. But I suppose it's time to confess… It's not the crown I want. It's the one who wears it."
Drama King

"My queen, is something troubling you? You seem bothered…"
""H-huh??? Um… nothing's bothering me, my servant… It's just… well… (I've put it off for far too long… This has to be the moment… It's now, or never, Nightmare…)"
"What? You know you can tell me anything, my queen…"
"(This is it… Don't blow your one shot at this… Here goes nothing…) U-um… Rarity… when did you and I first meet?"
"Why… almost five years ago, when you first arrived, my queen! I was there from the start!"
"Y-yes… You were there… Of all the things I remembered about that night, you stood out most of all… While other ponies ran and screamed in terror, you just stood there, watching, unafraid…"
"I remember…"
"But ever since then, you've been there… You've been with me through high and low points of my reign over these last years… You've seen and known more about me than most servants ever should… she blushes deeper than she is A-and… I must confess… I do like it when you call me… Moony… Very much…"
"Of course, my quee—mmm… Moony… You know I'll always be there… No matter how you rule Equestria, I'll always love you… kisses her beloved queen on the lips tenderly"
"NM returns the passionate kiss with her mind racing, the blush on her face increasing Um… w-would you maybe… want to take our relationship… a step further???"
"A… step further??? she blushes as well, her heart skipping a beat"
"(Okay, Moon, this is it! Just do it already!!!) …R-Rarity… she timidly produces a small velvet box from her shimmering nightly void of a mane, her whole body trembling as she opens it to reveal the most beautiful diamond hoof bracelet; she is so nervous, she almost can't bring herself to speak the next words W-w-will… will you do me the honor… of marrying me???"
"Rarity's eyes widen in shock as she gasps, covering her mouth at the sight of such a beautiful bracelet, her hoof quivering as she slowly slides it on, her eyes filling with tears of absolute joy before she throws her forelegs around her queen, crying happily against her chest Y-yes… Yes, Moony, of course! O-of course I'll marry you! I-I'm sorry… I shouldn't be crying, but… I just… I… I…"
"NM feels tears of joy forming in her own eyes as she hugs her lover to her, tenderly stroking Rarity's mane as she kisses her horn and looks into her eyes I love you… Rarity…"
"I-I… I love you too… Moony… I promise… I'll be the best wife you could ever dream of!"
"No… Just be you… That's the pony I fell in love with…"
"Mmm… True…"
Background Pony #00A6
NNM: R-rarity honey our hoofs our touching. We can't show in public our feelings. Rebels will think I'm weak or something O////O

R: But they are so soft and warm. I want hug you darling.

NNM: Alright, alright but let's go to my bedchamber first.