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The Arizona Beverage Company is based in New York.
You probably haven't had good iced tea then. I come from East Texas, born and raised, and I make it on the stove in proper Southern tradition; I don't drink tea out of a can.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012


I mean okay drinking cow's milk as a human is sort of weird too if you think about it I mean not from a cray PETA standpoint just like, technically that's baby food for baby cows.

I mean


Also what if Arizona like, instead of milk, lactated Arizona Tea? She seems pretty southern so that'd make SENSE.
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Dreading Season 9
Also, when I saw the thumbnail, I thought that was a lunchbag, and that this was a reference to in Calvin and Hobbes when Calvin would say gross things about his lunch to Susie.
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That's the kind of remark that will get you in a fight, Velvet.

So really, same as everything else in this universe.