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This a color version of >>1049586

dead source36666 suggestive179344 artist:deeriojim188 artist:reiduran1379 color edit8629 edit161939 sci-twi29748 sunset shimmer74756 twilight sparkle340581 human215496 equestria girls240552 bedroom eyes75370 blushing248402 breasts357290 bunny ears4781 bunny suit3405 canterlot high3530 clothes582190 colored23263 evening gloves10096 female1662158 fishnets7057 gloves27106 implied lesbian4366 implied scitwishimmer233 implied shipping6505 implied sunsetsparkle336 leotard6086 long gloves8268 pantyhose3954 playboy bunny964 plushie29177 sexy40912 solo1322790 solo female216340 thigh gap867 tsundere3334 tsunset shimmer61 wide hips26251


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Background Pony #D13E
Oh wow yes, it would.
I wonder if this is against dress code? I bet Canterlot’s particularly-pervy Principal is fairly forgiving…