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suggestive145467 artist:jawolfadultishart117 applejack171506 derpy hooves50468 rarity183606 sweetie belle49389 thunderlane4160 anthro264610 plantigrade anthro33491 3d78109 :34611 armpits43186 ass49969 assisted exposure1812 clothes467167 daz studio842 dress45254 humiliation2185 panties50852 panty shot809 polka dot underwear486 prank1479 rearity4620 revenge850 skirt40380 skirt flip220 skirt lift4774 underwear61659 upskirt5971


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With those wondering what rarity did to sweetie belle earlier when as part of her revenge against rarity as in public in front of applejack, derpy hooves and thunder lane sweetie belle flips up rarity's skirt to show her polka dotted panties. those wonder if rarity had some magic powers when the spell could likely make sweetie belle's dress vaporize including her panties as well become vaporized.