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Lyra, stop grabbing mares. They don’t appreciate it.

This concludes the action scene.

Next on Heartstrings:

Who are you, random cute unicorn? You seem familiar… Haven’t we seen you long months ago?
…I was literally out for 5 minutes…


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Still one of the best and cutest comics around, in my opinion. It’s really too bad that there are so few (if any) updates nowadays, but, alas, real life must take precedence.
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Background Pony #2B00
can’t wait till bonbon confesses here love for lyra to lyra, it just needs to happen
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Background Pony #A7CD
literally did not get any sleep at all because of this great comic, keep up the good work tritebristle
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I don’t understand. I’ve been clicking the next comic button for a while now and nothing’s happening. Must be broken.

For real tho, I found out about this comic 3 hours ago and it’s the actual best.
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Here comes a new challenger!

Seriously, this makes me wonder whether or not Lyra can win the fight against the sisters.
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Heroine Addict
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Pedantry Executive
Good thing Lyra stopped this before it got out of hand. Bon Bon and her sister really need to get a grip. It’s obvious they can’t handle themselves around her as long as she’s still up for grabs. I just hope they don’t turn to underhanded tactics after this.
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