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Princess Celestia (pre-Luna)

@Dusk Ealain
I don’t really see where your coming from
Are you serious?

You come to this image and start whining that homo ships are "too popular" and try to play the "I'm the only one that understands biology!". Nobody cares, it's annoying, you're annoying, so filter lesbian already and zip it.

And for clarity, this is not an invitation for a discussion or follow-up.
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Undead inside
@Dusk Ealain
You did it in a rude way.

Also, a lot of straight stuff here amounts to female x floating sausage and is undertagged greatly even without that rule in place, so please, if you're gonna complain, get all your facts right too. ;P
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In No Man's Land
Doing numbers based on tags aren't really helping, as I'm referring to the amount of ships in that category, not fanart. You might as well be using image numbers for "My Little Pony/MLP/etc." to find how many cloppers are in the community, it doesn't work that way because people can make more than one piece of art.

There can be 44503 pieces of straight fanart, but maybe a couple dozen straight ships,
While there can be 44737 pieces of homosexual fanart, with a good 100+ ships.
(Yes, the numbers are intentional exaggerated for the sake of example, shut the fuck up.)

To answer your "There aren't enough stallions to go around" — OCs are a thing, oh wait this fandom flips every shit it has when that happens.

Yet again, this has nothing to do with homosexual people in the real world, and besides, I think they've had their moment in the sun. They got the main thing they wanted, what more is there to ask?

Either way I'm not going to argue with you as your arguments were faulty in the beginning and I don't think carrying on would change anything.

SOMEBODY GETS IT! I'm surprised, I wasn't really expecting anyone to get it.
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We Crossdress Harder
@Dusk Ealain
Some quick numbers based on tags:
Lesbian: 36143
Gay: 8594
Bisexual: 943
Straight: 44503

Straight is barely in the minority, and certainly underrepresented compared to reality, but definitely not absent. I think it boils down to two key factors: 1) there aren't enough stallions to go around, and 2) straight dudes think lesbians are hot.

Besides, straight people have had all the fun for millennia. Maybe you could adjust your filters and let us queer folk have a moment in the sun.
Gone With
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In No Man's Land
I can't quite say I blame him for asking that question, there are those ships that really just seem to exist because OMEHGUDZ DA P0RN WIL B HOT!!! and most of them are lesbian pairings.

Personally I've gotten sick of homosexual pairings, not because I have something wrong with homosexual people in the real world, I just wish this fandom would fucking do something else once in a while.
>Practically every male is gay
>Practically every female is lesbian.

I'm sorry but don't these idiots see the major, biological problem with that? And no I don't buy into the "Magical Lesbian/Gay Spawn" rhetoric, if they could have babies like poof, here's a child! There wouldn't be different genders in the species, it would be more or less something along the lines of the Xenomorphs from the Aliens franchise. (PS : I actually googled "Xenomorph Pony" and they look as cool as the bottom layer of hell)

Maybe I'm just too logically thinking for this community, but quite frankly I don't care. And if they have a problem with it, they can kiss my arse all they want.
Background Pony #A8ED
Hth is this lesbian? I mean I like the ship, but where's the lesbo part? The something known as tag your shit dude