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safe1946394 artist:mellowhen253 angel bunny10608 fluttershy235826 pegasus395174 pony1296109 adorafatty375 angry32215 chubby15213 cute232085 fat25648 fattershy1296 female1579664 food85901 frown28016 hoof hold10588 mare604122 messy eating1449 monochrome162686 muffin6967 open mouth193160 salad431 shyabetes16688 sitting77089 sketch72014 underhoof60912


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Chartreuse Abomination
@Lupin Quill  
I won’t be finishing this one, so I don’t mind that it or other sketches are uploaded. What I don’t want is wip of paintings that are half done to be posted, since it gets confusing.
Background Pony #8BD1
Aw, that is cute. Buttershy doesn’t know how adorably chubby she has gotten.