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Faux Paws Socks

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safe (1306916)artist:xebck (659)applejack (136408)fluttershy (170133)pinkie pie (175792)rainbow dash (189447)rarity (145186)sunset shimmer (45199)equestria girls (140935)friendship games (11113)alternate hairstyle (18742)alternate universe (5228)chalkboard (1991)clothes (317377)crossed arms (2873)crystal prep academy (860)crystal prep academy uniform (2609)crystal prep shadowbolts (720)emoshy (283)hatless (1551)high heels (7189)human (119635)mary janes (918)missing accessory (5916)orangejack (36)pantyhose (2570)scene interpretation (6195)school uniform (5421)shadowbolts (2303)shoes (19847)skirt (28303)socks (44027)vector (61492)waving (1814)


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Since the Beginning
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

nobody's favorite
Sunset Shimmer: unacknowledged

Pinkamena Diane Pie: unbalanced

Fluttershy: untamed

Rainbow Dash: unyielding

Applejack: unsubtle

Rarity: unrestrained
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