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safe1675519 artist:anima-dos126 discord30382 princess celestia93765 alicorn218533 draconequus10982 pony938318 cherry blossoms536 dislestia1443 eyes closed89983 female1335626 flower24909 flower blossom375 interspecies22306 kissing24123 male362453 no more ponies at source270 pink-mane celestia2533 shipping196154 shocked6708 spread wings52942 straight133400 surprise kiss782 surprised9025 wide eyes16803 wings100835 young1571 younger16975


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There are some amazing details here, like the light shining a bit through the thin membrane of his bat wing. Color me impressed!
Background Pony #BCA6
I would love a prequel, with Keegan de Lancie (John de Lancie's son) playing a young Discord.
Background Pony #29CB
I've never understood this pairing (well, no surprise, pairings don't make any sense usually…) but this pic is beautiful.
So much Disney in here.