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source description:

Sweet Apple Cressing.
Female | Earth Pony

Nickname(s): Sweetie, Apple Cress(parents),Cress-hon(mother only.)

Orientation: Straight
Status: Single

Cutie Mark: An opened green apple.
Idols: Cheerilee,Big Mac, Applejack.

* = Blood relation | ** = Adopted relation
Big Mac (father),Cheerile(mother),Applejack(aunt),Flim(uncle)**,Lady Apple(cousin),Hayden(cousin),Apple Bloom(aunt),Pipsqueak(uncle)**,Aceymac(cousin)*,Granny Smith(great-greatgrandmother,deceased)

Occupation: General Culture Teacher. ( Mainly teaches fillies Farm,and culture work)
Hometown: Ponyville
Current Residence: Ponyville



First and only born to Big Mac and Cheerilee.Sweet Apple Cressing was a hard pregnancy, Due to the weight Sweet Apple had,it was way beyond a normal newborn pounds.

Sweet Apple,or Sweetiedidn't try to get her cutiemark,thinking it was useless and it will come in time.Yet when she saw a filly play music and a cutiemark appeard,she changed her behavior completely.She didn't care about relaxing,only about her cutiemark.She failed many,many times but once when her father was bucking apples,she tried it too. One weird green apple fell on her head,cracking open.After that event,a light came from her flank,showing a opened green apple.

In her school years Sweetie was very shy,and never socialiaze,yet she had a talent.Whenever she was relaxing she would sing a special song.Also,in her school years a tragic event happened..Granny Smith died due to her old age and very bad ilness.Sweetie fell in depression and refused to eat,for a week.Soon she became weak,and her family started visiting the hospital often.Apple bloom told her,that she was depressed when Granny Smith died too,but she became strong for her child.

Currently Sweetie lives at the Sweet Apple Acres,with her family.She's strong as a stallion,and mainly does all the farm work with her dad,and two aunts.

Bio by : :iconokamiiaoi:

I hope I can use..I credited you..

Base: :icondashiebases:


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