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Sooooo…. Anyone else a fan on the MLP Omniship? It's where the mane six in a polyamourus ship. I first heard about it from :iconearthsong9405: (sorry if this is spamming you, but I wanted to show appreciation for a fellow fan of this ship) I love her headcannon on ships and herds, so that was an inspiration to me.

I'm not die hard about it, there's no one ship that I'm super serious about, but I do like it and it stinks that there's not a lot of fan stuff for it. Anyway, I was thinking about it while I was on a long car ride (14 hours) and I had a few ideas, some interesting situations, and I ended up thinking of them deciding that they wanted a foal, because why shouldn't they be able to have a family too? But they wouldn't be sure where to start, and they'd have a lot to discuss.
After a while of discussing it and after hitting several road blocks, the map in twilight's castle acts up, calling all of them to the tree of harmony. They go there, and nestles in roots is a tiny baby pony. They 're unsure of her origin exactly, but she seems to take after each of them in some way, and they name her Harmony …. I'll post a bio eventually :p

These doodles are quick and messy, but the one at the bottom I do plan to do more with.

Anyway, she only popped into my head a few days ago, but I've already done a couple pages of sketches and a few digital drawings which I will upload eventually
safe1555489 artist:chipperpony30 applejack157253 fluttershy195773 pinkie pie201374 rainbow dash217205 rarity167913 twilight sparkle279822 oc593638 oc:harmony (chipperpony)3 alicorn190967 pony826590 applejack's hat5175 female879607 hat74628 lesbian91305 magical lesbian spawn10429 mane six28995 mare404230 multiple parents174 offspring33642 omniship201 parent:applejack3192 parent:fluttershy3941 parent:pinkie pie3514 parent:rainbow dash4881 parent:rarity3461 parent:twilight sparkle7123 parents:omniship11 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113733


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