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Background Pony #0437
And now you just created a butterfly effect where Discord defeated the mane 6 and threw Equestria into eternal chaos. Congrats!

Though, I do kinda wish the writers didn’t redeem her so quickly. It would have been really interesting to see her as perhaps a roaming parallel protagonist to the Mane 6, someone who was trying to atone for their mistakes while still sometimes falling into the same pitfalls they fell into before, perhaps show her off in a few episodes in some previous established location and have her interact with ponies we’ve seen before, something like that. Then again, I’m not the show’s creators, and I don’t know if my idea would really work in execution.
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I’d agree with your statement, but we are getting enough of Starlight already! judging by how the season 6 is going so far, I’d say we are getting all the Starlight character developments soon. She is techincally a main character now so we will eventually get to some backstory stuff like this :P

Sorry for necroposting, but I wonder how much more Starlight would have been if the writers had another episode to work with for the finale. Heck, I have to wonder how much more they can expand if they gave themselves three episodes for some of the bigger premieres or finales.
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Short steps…  
Deep breath…  
Everything is Alright…

Chin up,  
I can’t,  
step into the spotlight…

“Hey. I know you’re feeling sad, but just remember. When some purple moron comes to the town you brainwashed, you take her out immediately.”
Trilby Pony

“Things will get better, Starlight. I know, right now, you’re feeling alone, afraid, but you’ll get through it. Things will get better. I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you that you’re going to do amazing things. You’ll create a town, you’ll change history. You’ll even get to meet a Princess. It’ll take a while, but things will get better. Trust me…”
Background Pony #79A8
TS: What’d you do?  
SG: I convinced my younger self to hate Cutie Marks because they are the source of all suffering, chaos and inequality.  
SG: Can’t mess with history, Twilight. Didn’t we pretty much establish that already?
Background Pony #8A02
This would have been a much better outcome, but it would have sent the wrong message…
“If you want to count on somebody, count on yourself.”

…now this might have been better. Starlight goes back and adopts herself, and since she’s unaffected by the timeline, the new starlight becomes something better as a pony.