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Well, that’s one mystery solved

Sequel to this comic >>981696


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Wallet After Summer Sale

Alternative Universe-style RD and Scoots, yes – Named Prism Wing and Plume, obviously.
Ultimare Universe, by Siden, to be specific.
And all nine characters revealed so far (Mane 6, plus ’MCM’) are so different you might as well call them OCs inspired by the originals, in terms of how to tag them.

There aren’t that many posts yet, I’d highly recommend going through the tumblr; They’re pretty much my favorite still-active blog.
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Background Pony #6106

There’s a story about that. Two runners have the same time, but one has good form, while the other has bad form. Who does the coach pick?

The one with the bad form, so when they get trained to have good form, they’ll do even better than the runner who had good form.
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@Background Pony #E534
I can’t speak for Siden, but if I was going to bet, it’d be the following: Plume is an entirely untrained flyer. What she’s doing is basically flap and hope.

And despite having no idea what she’s doing, no idea how to fly properly, she’s still getting a degree of air. Imagine what could happen if she was given proper training, shown how to use her impressive physical strength optimally?
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Background Pony #E492
up until now "rainbow dash with twi’s character" was really as much as we knew about her, but seeing that play out really helps understanding the artist intention behind it.
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