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Vinyl Scratch and Octavia re-enacting the famous bow scene from titanic.
safe1578501 artist:filipinoninja9541 dj pon-328145 octavia melody22525 vinyl scratch32241 earth pony200064 pony848074 unicorn267345 bipedal30683 crossover57215 female901706 glasses55035 lesbian92335 mare416797 movie reference558 parody15219 photoshop3678 scratchtavia2830 shipping184346 standing10200 titanic329


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BolChix Gang!
This picture is so cute, that it's hard to believe that Vinyl will eventually die. Oh well, at least there's the scene at the back of the car in the cargo hold :)

I'll actually expect something more like…
Vynil:I am the greatest string musicianist in existence! My marvevouls cello playing, will never be topped!
GP:Wow…original…Alright next!
Vynil:"No pony will beat my beats! Wubwubmazing!!
GP:……(facehoof)… I hate my life ..