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Beads of sweat glistened on Rarity's stomach as she exhaled, hefting the dumbbells and performing another squat. As she eased herself down, her soft belly bumped against her thighs, another reminder of just how out-of-shape she was. Beside her, Sweetie Belle followed her movements. She was also beginning to sweat.

"Thanks for doing this, Rarity. I knew if anyone could help me lose weight, it would be you!"

Rarity looked at her little sister and smiled. "Of course Sweetie Belle! I feel honored that you came to me for help."

The truth was that Rarity had been more surprised than honored. Sweetie Belle had always been on the pudgy side, but as of late, she had begun packing on even more pounds. Rarity had taken notice of this, but she had been too busy with work to sit down and discuss the matter with her little sister. Rarity had been stunned when Sweetie Belle actually came to her, acknowledged that she was becoming fat, and asked for advice.

Rarity supposed it was a discussion that all sisters had to have eventually, but Sweetie Belle's request had been more than a surprise. It had been a wake up call. Rarity now realized just how badly she had let herself go. She had been so preoccupied with work, that she had neglected her diet and ballooned up far beyond what was acceptable.

Rarity glanced down at her bulging belly and flabby thighs. It was disgraceful. She could hardly claim to be devoted to fashion if she could not maintain her own figure. So, Rarity had put both herself and her little sister on a proper diet and exercise regimen. She had even made them some custom workout clothes.

Rarity completed the set of lunges and looked down at her sister. "Okay, time for situps."

Sweetie Belle smiled back at her and nodded. The two of them set down their dumbbells and began a set of forty situps. Every last one was pure agony.

Rarity began to wonder if this workout plan was too tough for her little sister. After all, Rarity was having trouble keeping up herself. But when she looked, she saw that Sweetie Belle was performing flawlessly, squeezing her belly roll with each crunch. Rarity could not help but feel proud of her little sister. She had owned up to her problem and was working diligently to shed the excess pounds.

The two of them finished the set and took a short break.

"Good work Sweetie Belle," Rarity said, panting. She got to her feet. Sweetie Belle followed, her belly wobbling as she stood up.

"What's next?" she asked.

"Leg lifts and arm curls," Rarity replied, picking up her dumbbells. "Now remember, raise your left leg with your right arm and vice-versa. Exhale on the way up, inhale on the way down."

Sweetie Belle nodded, getting herself into position. "Rarity, how many of these 30-minute workouts will we have to do before we're skinny? Three? Maybe four?"

Rarity was so stunned by her sister's remark that she nearly dropped her dumbbells. Did Sweetie Belle honestly think that four workouts would be enough to burn off all that fat? Could she really be so naïve?

"Sweetie Belle, you have a lot to learn about maintaining your figure. It will take a bit more than that."

"How much more?" Sweetie Belle asked innocently.

Rarity smiled uncomfortably. She did not have the heart to tell her sister how many exhausting weeks of exercise they had ahead of them.

"It depends. The important thing is that we stick to our routine. We'll start seeing results soon."

Sweetie Belle hesitated, but eventually gave a smile. "Okay. I'm just glad I get to spend time with you."

Rarity blinked, then smiled back. Perhaps getting in shape was not all the only thing they were accomplishing.

"That's what sisters are for. Now let's keep going — we have some pounds to lose!"
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Cute wittle skunku
I think I like the Marshmallow sisters better all chubby, and cute. :)
I also like how the artist is making their face/cheeks a bit chubbier to, not just their bodies.

Seriously, I want to hug them both. Love their exercise gear too.