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Artist update of >>802436
safe1656678 artist:mrs1989560 princess luna97238 alicorn214815 pony921004 blushing189328 bust46681 caught3210 constellation722 ethereal mane7403 featured image845 female1319889 food67059 glowing horn18696 gradient background11865 ice cream4869 levitation11608 looking at you159797 magic70784 messy eating1133 open mouth136910 solo1031994 starry mane3808 sweat25111 telekinesis26642 tongue out98940 wide eyes16632


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Tubby Wubby Rosen Waifu by sire is pretty good

this might sound wierd but… Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu works better with his vocals acctually

yes i watch one or two ytps of him mostly sire or chikenpika
Background Pony #AAE3
Finally a featured image of Luna! It's been 5 months or so!

Ok, sorry for the outburst. But it really bugged me when she would get one.

I always choose mint. Am I boring? : /