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Timey Wimey Blimey
safe1691284 artist:artattax52 doctor whooves10694 starlight glimmer48211 time turner10689 earth pony243144 pony953031 unicorn317009 the cutie re-mark3187 abuse7636 batman slaps robin19 doctor who3541 doctor whooves is not amused95 glimmerbuse308 hilarious in hindsight3136 male367759 meme81535 my parents are dead103 shipping denied892 slapping143 stallion106838 starlight gets what's coming to her109 the doctor1354 time travel374


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Background Pony #8BFB
"Don't mess with time!"

This is Hilarious in Hindsight considering what The Doctor does in the Season 9 finale…
Background Pony #B20B
It's direct opposite of "fixed point" for me. More like "crossroad point", just like in "Turn left" episode.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012


Doctor: The Sonic Rainboom in the past is what we Time Ponies call a Fixed Point. She's lucky that Time hadn't started to die at that moment with Past, Present, and Future colliding.

Is this a good time to remind him that Twilight tried time travel and eventually came to the conclusion that stopping all of time was a good idea?………She has issues.