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Havel the Rock and Maud drink some bomb ass tea
source needed15302 safe1750048 artist:mistermech210 maud pie12735 pony1010098 armor24462 bonfire158 crossover63799 cup6494 dark souls693 drinking3600 fire11753 food72957 havel the rock13 helmet11206 hoof hold8604 looking down9311 saucer72 sitting65571 sword11977 tea3126 teapot1045 weapon31418


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If I ever hear somebody say "2D sprites? It's the year |blank|" in person, I would have to ask them if they are really gamers cause real gamers would not look down at our 2D origins.
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Horses in the 🅱ack
"Pokemon-esque" and "2D sprites? It's the year 2013" Made me die inside a little bit. It's always terrible when people jump into distinct franchises with pre-conceived notions of how a game should be. Reminds me of everyone comparing Monster Hunter 4U to Dark Souls.
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The Anti-Normies
This bullshit

Most of those text are from PROFESSIONAL REVIEWERS, and yet they did the ultimate bullshit of comparing a SMT game with PERSONA, when they were suppose to compared it to the last SMT game before 4, which is strange journey