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Before attempting to cuddle or snuggle your toaster, be sure to unplug her and let her cool down.
safe1688346 artist:badumsquish1934 derpibooru exclusive27954 oc673292 oc only442323 oc:ginger-bread10 object pony761 original species24804 pony950049 toaster pony22 badumsquish strikes again118 bread1395 counter300 female1346365 food68940 freckles28239 ginger84 hair bun3275 how241 kitchen1791 looking at you165293 ponified40598 prone25192 red hair893 redhead167 smiling243193 solo1051844 toast422 toaster299 us plug25 wat19137


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Hey Badumsquish, your monster pony art is amazing! I like the ones that are more different than others
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Very nice. Hey you should ask if it's cool to do so and upload it here. Just use whatever their name is on their site and tag it as "artist:whoever", along with "sketch,solo,object pony,looking at you,smile", you know, whatever fits and source to wherever you got it.

Even better, why not invite the artist to join our insanity here? Anyone who draws crazy species and objects as ponies has an automatic fan in me.
Parallel Black
Twinkling Balloon - Took part in the 2021 community collab.
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You should probably have some artwork done of her then, because I could literally say "I thought of a doorstop pony first" and have the same amount of credibility. Don't mean to sound confrontational or anything, just pointing that out.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Oh man I just realised I need to get in now and say I thought of a scannerpone first. I've tried at least three ways of putting this comment, and this seems like the least whiny, donut steel-y way to word it. I just wanna get this in here now so if I eventually get art made of her, nobody goes "Oi nah Badumsquish did it first"