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dead source29567 safe1859416 artist:thekuto73 princess celestia100588 alicorn253110 pony1203647 animated106327 bath3130 bathing1065 bathtub1963 bubble6229 bubble bath394 cute220022 cutelestia3819 female1499213 frame by frame4180 gif35489 gradient background15364 hair over eyes1341 happy35096 hidden eyes515 majestic as fuck1360 mare555935 open mouth175554 open smile9107 rubber duck603 sitting71789 smiling296385 solo1181008 spread wings65095 wet mane5570 wing fluff1838 wings148183


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There’s about twenty rubber ducks in my house, yet NONE of them squeak.
Looks back at picture
I’m gonna need a new heart.

i’m expecting someone to edit this and replace the duck with something else… (tip: you just need to change one letter to know what i mean fff)